Low vibing narc.

Not in the mood of fighting

I have got a dope ass vibe,

You are such a narcissist who tries to tame me

Find your negative nosy tribe.

Author: Angry Bird

A dope soul and deep mind with a hot temper.

4 thoughts on “Low vibing narc.”

  1. Full disclosure:
    I must confess. I used to suffer from the “Narcissism Affliction.”
    Then I discovered that “Humble Humility” can reside in me.
    And I have never looked back.
    (But I am still just a ‘Recovering Narcissist’—which is sorta like being a ‘Recovering Alcoholic’.
    You can never let down your guard, not even for a moment, lest you give way to bad old habits and horrible behaviors.
    I hope I am a better man these days…
    Great post.
    Thank you

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    1. 🙂 Recovering narcissist?? That’s so great on your part to think like that and making efforts to recover.. But may I tell you that probably you were not a narcissist if you could find faults in your own behaviour?? Actually, when someone is a victim of narcissistic abuse, that person begins to act like a toxic person himself/herself, that is the persona that that person wears to hide his/her vulnerability to feel safe.. 🙂
      And it’s okay to take your guards off from time to time, Saying this from personal experience. Your inner emotional self just wants to feel safe. Take your time but do try to take your guards off bits by bits whenever you feel that you are doing it in front of a mentally safe person.

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      1. No, please trust me. I was a really vain arrogant ass during my ‘misspent youth’ and even well into my ‘misspent adulthood…’

        Yet, and however, I am able to truthfully, sincerely, and honestly claim this:

        There were never any abusive behaviors / actions dealt by me toward another. Guess that is one reason all my ex-wives will still talk to me. Hahaha!

        Thank you for your very kind comment and for taking the time. I have turned my life into a self-imposed solitary existence, except for my writing and the attempted sharing of same. I count myself very fortunate to be a part of the blogging community and always look for, and discover positive vibes there.

        Not difficult to find if you just take off the (In my case) vanity blinders.
        (I am joking, half-joking, of course)

        Enough about me!

        Speaking of sharing though:

        Please indulge me when you have time and take a look at this post.
        It is upbeat, thankful, and positive, if just a tad preachy. Hahaha

        (I’ll stop pestering you now)

        Hope you have a wonderful, fulfilling, and free-from-jerks and narcissists
        Fourth of July.

        And nothing but good vibrations!

        Yay America!
        And Yay for Good Vibes!
        We all deserve nothing less.

        Grateful, Thankful, Optimistic, Positive, Upbeat, Efflorescent, Fluorescent—HAPPY CAMPER

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