Utter bullshit of family.

The most straining thing is when your own family members talk complete non-sense and bullshit..Having no sense of your emotions, existence, identity or how you could feel with their stupidity.

According to one of my paternal aunt, my deceased aunt should have adopted me, so that I could get her pension after death.


And how do I not get angry on such utter bullshit??

The same thing my father said when I was 11 years old. After that I told him that I wished children could disown their parents. And I was also angry that he didn’t say the same thing about my brother. He could not even think for once to give away my younger brother in adoption. How discriminating?? At that time I was the one who was taking care of him (my father) to a good extent after his left arm got affected badly due to an accident prior to that. I was doing things like helping him in wearing turban and shirt, and making his hair and beard, for two years by then. Still, I was the one to be given in adoption. That was the time I had started keeping in my mind that I didn’t belong to anyone in this world.

If these people can treat their kid as THINGS to GAIN FISCAL PROFITS, then how can these people expect love, care and attention from the same kid?? I still give it to them. But these people are utterly non-sensical, deserving no shit from me.

Author: Angry Bird

A dope soul and deep mind with a hot temper.

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