Releasing people from mind.

You have to understand why you never miss someone (any person). It mostly happens when either they were not that important to you or they gave you emotional wounds that have healed now and you have released them from your mind.

One of such people is my old best friend ‘G’. It may sound strange but since the time he deceived me by joining hands with someone I disliked at that time, I just released him and others related to him from my mind completely, and now, I can’t even figure out what to miss about that?? I mean, we had equal give n take in our friendship till it lasted but now it’s nothing, and it feels quite strange to feel nothing about someone with whom you connected so dearly once and for so long.

Outgrowing people and your own old self feels like you are reborn. You know you knew them, but now you cannot recognise how or you simply don’t want to. Being able to detach oneself from some things and people feels quite messy for a long time but seriously, by the time you reach a place of complete non-attachment, you realize that you can release anything from your system.

Author: Angry Bird

A dope soul and deep mind with a hot temper.

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