Experience about under-estimation by over-rated dumbfucks..

Being under-estimated used to fuel my fire to do better than them or something they could never imagine. Then, when I achieved a lot and still got under-estimated, it really evoked anger in me. It feels demeaning to say the least being under-estimated by those who have not achieved even half of what I did in any field.

I mean, you are not even qualified enough to even estimate/test/judge me, leave alone under-estimation.

And, it makes me feel bad not because I feel down-graded. It feels bad to know people’s toxic characters on how they treat others who they think were doing lesser than them, and it goes for literally everything, including looks, money, education, character.. Keeping in view all of these realms of life in mind, I can clearly say that I was made fun of and down-graded by those who were and still are not even at half my level in all these areas.

What I don’t get is whether these people attain this psychopathy from their parents (ascribed through genes) or it’s their learned behaviour (from family, friends, media etc.). Either way, they are disgusting. And then, the same people think why I don’t talk to them when they show their fake behaviour to me that they try their best to perfect to maintain their fake image.

They always think I don’t know, but I KNOW ! And, call me egoistic but I love to put these over-rated dumbfucks in their place.

Author: Angry Bird

A dope soul and deep mind with a hot temper.

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