Thoughts I reverse to myself most of the times.

My life’s timeline’s issues are different than others. I have seen a lot of deaths in my family. It’s not even negative thinking. All I want is to reach every milestone of my life in front of my family, to cherish those moments with them, to be happy in their presence, to be hopeful about better times with them in the future, to fill them with happiness whenever I reach a milestone, be it about my job, travelling, marriage, kids or whatever. And if somebody cannot understand this much and stays in his own world, then that person really doesn’t deserve to enter my life again. Other’s life’s timeline may be quite different but why to compare if one can’t understand. You understand what you go through and I don’t want anyone to go through what I go through and it’s difficult to understand my point of view. Actually I am a freedom lover but I am a family person as well. Most of the times, I am able to maintain a balance between these two virtues n needs. But what I find in most of the prospective partners is they are freedom lovers when it comes to fucking with multiple partners and way too conservative when it comes to family like they cannot even talk about their needs to their own family, like their family doesn’t even know who n what they are. And I can only imagine how miserable they(or any person) would have become if they were in my place. I go through the ordeals many would fail to as I can see how they behave even on a small emotional turmoil. What my need is is to have someone by my side who is as strong as I am, who can maintain a balance between different realms as I can, who even if cannot share the burden can, at least, not increase mine, who can understand my timeline and his and can reach a median as I am willing to. Many things become more enjoyable when they become more manageable. It’s a part of being mature. Thinking about only freedom n not about family or partner or lover at all is not actually love for freedom, it’s incapability to be a balanced human being.

Author: Angry Bird

A dope soul and deep mind with a hot temper.

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