You deserve this.

I know you want me to stop saying anything because it’s a really hard pill to swallow that what you tried to do to others is being done/got done to you and the way you tried to fool others, you got fooled the same way.

That’s Karma, My Love.

And I am sure that you got influenced by that pathetic asshole who feels like judging every single girl just because he cleared one graduate level national exam.. I mean really?? You are that weak?? You look at someone’s authority n become a puppet?? Oh.. And the girls you dumb cowards are feeling like judging are those who are earning well and are doctorate or at least 2-3 degrees holders.

Where the fuck do you stand??

LOOK.. Don’t expect me to salivate honey after feeding me with venom, I’ll spit only that back at you, nothing more, nothing less. So, stop messing up with me or making those psychopaths dance around me as I really don’t take the shit.

Author: Angry Bird

A dope soul and deep mind with a hot temper.

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