Don’t twist it all the time.

Don’t get jealous when I talk about everything I achieved whereas you were putting me down when you knew nothing about it all and were just considering yourself better with achievements quite lesser than me.

I didn’t mention in the fear of sounding like bragging, now when I do it sounds like bragging only to those who are jealous.

Can’t be wrong on this. Vibes don’t lie.

And I don’t mention about it all to ‘impress’ anyone, I mention them so that you can know my real level and don’t even dare to put me down.

I know it it even intimidates the F out of a few but there are also others who love knowing all that.

Moreover, your meaning of intelligence should not change to take kindness as intelligence when you find out that I have an “intellectually superior” IQ level (named so by tests) whereas you used to consider only IQ as the meaning of intelligence when I was really really kind to you.

Don’t twist meanings to suit your agenda all the time.

Author: Angry Bird

A dope soul and deep mind with a hot temper.

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