Specific message..😊

(For AD)Your problem is that you just want to know if I have completely moved on or not while you fuck around with anyone, but dude, it doesn’t work like that. Somebody that lives on equality sees it in everything n keep it balanced on both sides. TREAT HOW YOU WANT TO BE TREATED, BECAUSE I’LL TREAT YOU HOW YOU WILL TREAT ME AND I CAN PERPETUATE THAT.. Shed off your outer layer, leave your ego behind and behave accordingly. I also have too many reasons to show ego and none of them is who I do or will fuck with. You have to be at par with this stance. Playing games, trying to make jealous and pulling emotional strings trying to invoke insecurity, getting negative attention can make you succeed in all this for a day or two but know that I don’t live with that. Kindly, level up morally rather than trying to gain everything shallow. You may not realize this now, but you’ll regret about your own behaviour n decisions in the future. I have seen people like you who thought they were living amazing wonderful lives in their youth with this kind of behaviour who ended up completely miserable and regretful in their old age, and if you think that it is good to gain all kinds of experiences, then let me tell you that having experiences is good but learning from experienced people about the consequences of same doings n misdoings is wiser as it saves you a lifetime of regrets. But in the end choice is all yours, nobody can make you look within if you are not ready for that.

Author: Angry Bird

A dope soul and deep mind with a hot temper.

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