Fear of loss of people (deaths).

Some events don’t only impress but ingrain a deep fear of loss of people, that you don’t realise until you keep waking up after an hour or two of sleep or at the slightest sound entering your ear, and all this stuff causing you continuous brain shocks n chronic headache that goes away sometimes in between during happy times. You try to live with it but it affects you physically, academically and socially as well. You may think “I can live with discomfort” but you know you cannot function optimally and sometimes even normally. Don’t tell me “face your fears” on this. It doesn’t work. You can bear everything, not this loss; and cannot get rid of this fear if you really love a few people and loved those whom you lost. It may also bring in a lot of anxiety involving fear of uncertainty of lives or well-being of the loved ones. One part of you may be working but one part is always focussed on them and then you can barely focus on yourself. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger feels like bullshit every time, actually what doesn’t kill you you wonder why it didn’t kill you instead.

Author: Angry Bird

A dope soul and deep mind with a hot temper.

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