Serious psychopathy.

I swear by this quote that those who really love you don’t know what’s going on in your life,

It’s those secret enemies that keep a tally of everything this is going on or is supposed to happen in your life, so that they can stay a step ahead of you to harm you whenever n wherever they want to physically, mentally or emotionally.

So, if anybody tries to befriend you after knowing a lot about you, do not take their interest in you as something good. Psychopaths and criminals mostly tend to know a lot of information about somebody, all the while keeping their own information and life (even identity by using fake accounts or other people’s accounts) so that they never get caught.

I cannot repeat all this enough times because I have gone through this a lot and you need to stay alert about such people. They are never your friends, infact the most psychopathic ones imitate the communication style and actions of your close friends of the past or present. The reason for that is if their action Proves to be faulty or criminalistic in any sense, then the first accusation gets directed at the person that was Imitated by them.

Some of you may think that it’s not that serious but bear in mind that it’s all fun and games till some real crime happens to somebody. Your stupidity is always a loose thread for a criminal that he can tie anywhere, specially for a psychpathic one.

And when I point out at behaviour of people as narcissistic or psychopathic or criminalistic one, that too, is for the reasons because I observe that, be it in psychlogical terms or legal terms. By saying so, I don’t prove myself paranoid; those things actually happen and I just have to stay alert more than other people against whom such activities don’t happen.

I try to normalise my life by forgetting a few such psychopaths from my past but they time n again imitate me and some close friend to gather information from me or offend me.

(I think I should take legal action now onwards. My phone’s gallery is accessible to somebody, email account n related account’s docs and whatever sms I get gets known to somebody. Infact, the debit card that I use interlinked with that particular account and sms on my phone number related to that account, the info goes to that person. HACKER for sure. Psychopath, obviously. Criminal, undoubtedly. But the point is I need to have evidences for that, that’s why I was silent about it.)

Author: Angry Bird

A dope soul and deep mind with a hot temper.

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