A personal request.

Just in case, any of you know something about my personal life that I need to know, now afterwards, please inform me about it straight away, so that I can do better, rather than beating around the bush, because seriously, I usually have no idea who is doing what generally and when I get to know what I needed to know back a day or two or maybe more, I feel a little shattered. You believe it or not, I don’t stalk others as much as you think that I do. I feel like I have better things to do than putting my energy into strangers with whom I have nothing to do. They may be very much into knowing each and everything that I am doing, but I am not interested in that stupidity and toxicity. And when a few of you behave weird/strange/awkward around me (which is usually not possible except than on social media), it just strikes me that maybe I should know something and I admit that after that I do stalk (only readily available information on somebody’s account), but I am not a freak about stalking like many others going to the point of having criminalistic stalking tendencies. This last hour was one such time where I diverted my mind from my usual to something I was finding uncomfortable about others behaviour.

PS- You people are too bad at controlling your reactions, good at beating around the bush and still unable to say anything directly. Hell ! Please be direct to me. I don’t bite !

Author: Angry Bird

A dope soul and deep mind with a hot temper.

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