Nightmare of Helplessness-Interpretation required.

This is a paragraph that I have found as a dream interpretation. I don’t know why I see some horrible dreams full of helplessness. I need some more clues or clear interpretation as to what actually they mean.

So, today I saw one such dream, or I say, a nightmare. Dream was quite long but I am writing about only that part that is bothering me the most.. My father and I were in a marketplace and he had an argument with a wholesale merchant about the price of some products, which he denied to buy, started going down a lane in the open in frustration. I was following him. I was a kid. I heard the merchant calling some men for attacking us. My father was walking with a good speed, I was lagging behind. I was trying to speed up as he was not listening to me when I was trying to tell him what I heard. Suddenly, a group of four-five goons came, held him and did beat him so mercilessly. They broke his that arm completely whose elbow was broken in real. He was drenched in blood. He initially tried to fight but all in vain. It all happened within seconds. They kept on beating him, and finally he died. I was at a distance, some people held me and I screamed like never before out of innate helplessness. Then I woke up.

Once in a while, I see such nightmares of immense helplessness in which always a group is attacking, mostly I see myself being attacked by mob, stabbed with knives, or killed in some ruthless ways. Fights, Bloodshed and death by a group or mob is the main theme of most of my nightmares. This time it was related to my father, which increased my intensity manifolds, that too about which I could not do anything. This was the feeling of helplessness like never before.

Is there anyone who can interpret dreams/nightmates and their symbols paychologically or throw some light?

Author: Angry Bird

A dope soul and deep mind with a hot temper.

18 thoughts on “Nightmare of Helplessness-Interpretation required.”

  1. Dreams are in form of crooked reality…whatever we see in life..we try to form image of it and then visualize another theme inside the dream and we mix up reality in such a way that we feel haunted…excited…etc…we also sometimes correlates dreams with striking few memories of our life timeline…and we add elements of fear/bravery/depression/anxiety/….depend upon the circumstances…in short whatever is sensed by our 5 senses in our day to day life…whether we watch movies or anything . .all counts in dreams in one way or other…I would suggest you that add too much positive energy in your life that even the dreams will fear to show fearful dreams….

    I think yoga and meditation will work for sound sleep…

    Plus before sleep wash your toe…and rub palm and toe with mustard oil and then sleep …I think it will increase pleasant sleep…tc

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  2. How awful. I’m sometimes good at dream interpretation. Could you tell me more about your background – was there violence going on around you, physical, verbal, political or domestic? Feel free to message if you’d prefer .

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    1. Indeed, awful..But no violence is going on as such.. It’s something imbedded in me and I can’t infer the reasons because nothing as such(extreme physical violence) happened in my life, though there are exceptions in which I got violent(nothing like those nightmares) nor I let political violence related news go deep in my psyche..

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      1. I’ve just taken a quick survey through your posts – you seem to have a deep affection for your father, and you’re separated from him. Is he still living? I think an important part of the dream is that you are trying to warn him and he doesn’t listen. My interpretation is that you care a great deal for other people in your life, and you’re upset when they engage in behaviors that you view as potentially dangerous and harmful. This dream would be like a visualization of that emotion. I don’t think it’s a question of needing to stand up for yourself or fight more, or that you have a secret shame. I’d say it’s more likely that you’re worried, and your dream consciousness is expressing that.

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        1. Wow !! I am stunned with your interpretation.. This is how I feel most of the times about people..And sadly, my father died 7 years ago but yes, I had deep love,respect n affection for him.. sometimes, I feel like I see two of my personality in my same dream, one of my personality as him which I developed because of his teaching, another one, my inner child..
          I may be wrong though..

          And, thanks a ton to you specially for taking so much of your precious time in reading my posts and giving such a good interpretation to help.. ❤❤

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              1. You too! Here’s a little Jung I wrote into my Full Fathom Five story that seems appropriate: “what’s afflicting you now is the spirit of the depths. This is a spirit of cruelty and torment and horror, but it’s only in this spirit that you grow, that you gain new power, and you’ll find new life dawning in you. You may have chaos within you, but it’s only in chaos that stars are born.”

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