Old ties.. ❤

I respect the feelings,

Of anyone..

But please ask yourself,

Where were you

When I was all into you?

Now, when I have found my one true love,

What do I do?

Ditch Myself

My feelings


Or you?

Why do you want somebody

who will emotionally cheat you??

I have tried my best

trust me

to get out of this n rest

But again

It is what it is,

I respect you

I really do

That’s why

By being with you

I can’t ditch emotionally

Him, myself or you..

Any girl would be lucky

To have somebody like you

But fate has it written over it

It was meant for him forever

Though for a long time

It was for you,

It hurts

Breaks the heart

Deepens the pain in the soul

But who has made the foul?

The fate plays the real role,

It’s not in my hands,

I can’t shift my mind,

Nor can have a change of heart,

It belongs to him,

And only him,

I am not even sure

If we will end up together or not

But my tie with him is stronger

than with anyone else has it ever been,

It’s something deeper than you can imagine,

Has never been a dream of a teen,

Let’s make peace with it

That if it had to be you n me

When the time was right

Something more special it could have been,

If you’ll feel bad

It will really make me sad,

For you have a beautiful heart

That anyone who will get it

Will be so glad.

Author: Angry Bird

A dope soul and deep mind with a hot temper.

5 thoughts on “Old ties.. ❤”

  1. This resonated with me, simply because I am torn between my ex and the man he introduced me to nearly three years back, a man with whom I share an obscure, unnerving, unconditional bond.
    And even when my ex arrived on the scene again I could just not feel the way I used to and I guess having crossed my mid twenties mine is definitely not the bond of a teen.
    Great work. Loved it. 🌼❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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