What serious psychopaths/narcs do?

1. Hide their real identity.

2. Instigate/provoke certain behavior in other person.

3. Try to confuse the other person.

4. Upon getting a reaction out of that other person due to that confusion created, call that person a psychopath.

5. Gossip about it to other people or make open accusations about the reactions.

If you fight well with the psychopath, you will be considered a psychopath; and if you get emotional, you will be sympathised with considering you weak mentally; and if you ignore, you will be instigated/provoked again after an interval of time and maybe in a different way.

Stay alert. If you won’t keep these things in your mind, it will be very easy for a psychopath or narcissist to manipulate you and/or people known to you. It’s very easy to be provoked but consider that the one who has hidden his identity is already a Coward, and who has gossipped or gathered others to discuss you or your reactions is Mentally Weak.

Author: Angry Bird

A dope soul and deep mind with a hot temper.

6 thoughts on “What serious psychopaths/narcs do?”

    1. Okay.. But psychopathy n narcissism is much deeper than that. Thanks for your comment though.
      I find that a good solution is consider such people non-existent, because actually such people are just negative attention seekers who want to provoke one or the other person for abnormal reasons, and do your work as usual.
      Depending on a few is a good point as you never know who turns out to be a psychopath or narc n backstabs you.

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      1. I never let any manager control my future! At my last job, the President of the company called and said β€˜so-in-so’ is coming on your project. I said if he does I will resign.

        The company President cursed and hung up! The man did not come on the project. But I did resign and move to another company a couple of years later!

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