Questions to consider.

I feel bad for those people who have to deal with numerous narcissistic people in their workplace or day to day life.. There are not few but a lot of them. How do you tackle with that?? Stifling your voice whole of your life?? What if your boss is the one and takes advantage of his position every now n then, makes you overwork n take credits for all of your hardwork and still being nosy with you, criticize you most of the time just to maintain his so called superiority complex or conjoin a few of your colleagues to spy on you in case you are not in his good books and make fun of you every now and then through those colleagues??

What if your colleagues are those narcissists and gossip about you a lot, compete with you in an unhealthy way, joining together only against you and creating obstacles in your path to success? What do you do in such situations? Just smile and keep working??

How many of you raise your voice and create boundaries with such people? How many times those boundaries have been violated?? How many of you left that place and those people?? How many of you joined them??

Author: Angry Bird

A dope soul and deep mind with a hot temper.

12 thoughts on “Questions to consider.”

    1. Great ! But what if they don’t leave you at any cost?? By hook or by crook, they just want to grab hold of your attention or spoil your name in front of others or interfere in your life or work despite making your boundaries clear time n again??
      This is quite serious. Distress caused by this kind of sickness is indeed depressive n suffocating(experienced).

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        1. I guess they need to be complained of to the police as stalking n causing distress due to that invites punishment..I don’t know about your place but here in India, it is under penal law.

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          1. They deserve to be punished by law.
            My daughter suffers from bullying in her school a lot. I tried to help her in some ways. In my country the law is Not strong enough to protect people from such bad behaviours.

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            1. Ohh.. I see.. But still you may handle it by complaining about them to the school authorities.. It will definitely help n keep a close tab on the emotional health of your kid.. 🙂

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