The same old familiar energy.

Showing aggression channeling it from other places onto me

I know your trick..

I am acquainted with your dark side,

It took away my sanity for years in its stride..

If I say you left me

I was the weak one??

If I tell you to leave

I am aggressive??

This blame shifting plays a big role

When I start hating you.

Why don’t you accept what you are

As openly as I do??

What kind of fear is it

Despite you say you are not afraid of being the real you??

I felt your aggression more than I can explain,

Time n again,

Like shards of glass stabbed on my old wounds n their pain..

You show only your light

I get that you have it in you..

But why not you claim your dark side??

You say you are satisfied in being you,

So I am,

But why am I always put in limelight

In a questionable manner by you??

You stalked and talked to my known people

Made them question my integrity and my relation with (from amongst them) a few,

And when I burnt the bridges

For them not understanding me as me

But for seeing me through your eyes,

You thought and tried that those relations could renew??

It doesn’t work like that,

Never with me.

But you could not understand,

You might have improved a lot,

Gained much prosperity, love n light,

But what I can relate to is,

As well

You are still stuck in the same old energy of thee unknowingly,

That dark energy hidden from your own sight.

Author: Angry Bird

A dope soul and deep mind with a hot temper.

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