Curious about spirit animal.

Is it necessary that you can have only one spirit animal??

Isn’t it possible that you carry a diversity of animals in you based on how many times you have re-incarnated??

Apart from re-incarnation, you still share DNA similarities with a lot of species, does not DNA affect the spirit? If it does, then do not you carry the spirit of all those animals??

You carry various emotions at the same time with a dominance of a couple of them at a particular time which may mostly be denoted by a particular animal but does it really mean that you cannot be something else unconsciously??

Author: Angry Bird

A dope soul and deep mind with a hot temper.

One thought on “Curious about spirit animal.”

  1. I do not know, of course, but tend to favor the idea that we can subtly connect with different peoples and animals through a kind of psychological ‘spacetime continuum’ instead of through reincarnation per se.

    As a theory, an interactive continuum seems more flexible and makes more sense to me, given our current worldview re the relativity of spacetime.

    I think so-called reincarnation flashbacks could be explained by a theory of interactive spacetime.

    Also, we might be able to subtly connect with souls, spiritual powers and beings in the afterlife, which only adds to the complexity and uncertainty.

    For me, considering the idea of interactive spacetime results in a clear and focussed experience, which I do not get when I think about reincarnation. That’s partly why I suggest it every now and then. I don’t think it’s good to get stuck on ancient theories when we have loads of modern data to consider.


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