Stop putting your heavy shit on me

I have my own to deal with

And if you are having some so-called enlightened awakening mistake here

That you are a helper or empath

You are so wrong

You need help

Which you think others need from you

It’s projection, it’s clearly projection

But you won’t admit it

Because you want to feel like an ultimate martyr, empath, an unsung hero

Who died of misery while uplifting others.

Stop it dude, get your shit analyzed from a professional n get rid of it.


I have been saying this from five years..

Why don’t you ever get it???

Why are you so interested in first controlling everyone around me,

Thus imbibing a sense of loneliness in me,

And then when I feel like that,

You unite people known to me around me,

To feel like a bloody HELPER

Which actually makes me feel more lonely

As I have nobody who is authentically related to me

Everybody around now I feel is your bloody aquaintance

Why don’t you get how much I need your absense???

If you have heavy shit to unload,

Get professional help

Rather than USING ME wrongly taking me as the needy one

Just for having something for yourself to goad.

Author: Angry Bird

A dope soul and deep mind with a hot temper.

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