Daily reminder.

I remind myself every single day

That I owe nobody an explanation

For the way I feel

And my expressive way.

Author: Angry Bird

A dope soul and deep mind with a hot temper.

17 thoughts on “Daily reminder.”

  1. Yes, a lot of times. But I have also learnt how to create boundaries, being an empath one needs to learn how not to interfere in others life when he/she is not required as well as how not to let others take advantage of one’s empathy. Boundaries go both ways.

    And frankly speaking, I am not interested in discussing emotional or immature empathy right now or maybe ever. I could write about it though.
    Being an empath does not make one the best person. An empath can also become immature and toxic to others. The main point here is knowing one’s boundaries; in relation to others, the boundaries created by others; and in relation to one’s own safety, of course, boundaries fixed by the person.
    Being too much emotional and interfering in others life is actually not empathy, it can also be sympathy.
    Those who commit suicide sometimes do it because of such people “those so called empatha” as well.


  2. Sometimes, I do the opposite…

    As in, I let other people have explanation of my own, for the way that they feel. I see some people who think they are in Heaven, when I think they are in Hell. They are in a suffering called “denial”, and I sometimes attempt to tell them what they are doing, that they are unaware of.

    Such attempts are usually met with a lot of stubbornness, of course. 🙂

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    1. Okay.. But it most certainly feels like interference. Let them be in denial. That is also a part of the process of understanding. One can share one’s perspective, but it need not be accepted and in this case, maybe those people know better.

      I am saying this because I also did tend to make people understand reality but as the time passed by, I understood that making people understand you makes you feel more misunderstood, so I just let it be.

      Sometimes, making others get out of denial mode proves to be shoking to the psyche, so it’s better to let things unfold for them at their own pace. 🙂

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      1. It’s true that not everyone will listen. However, there are people who are close friends, and their stubbornness can be broken, if my stubbornness is even stronger.

        Helping someone who is close, who is loved, and not leaving them to their state, is a very noble intention in my eyes.

        I’d rather not leave a close friend or a family member in their misery, and they end up really hurt and beyond repair, because of their problem. If that happened, I’d begin to question my own negligence, and say to myself, “Why was I not there, sooner?”

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          1. Some people…

            And yet, the most people who die due to suicide, are those who have died because they were alone, not because of their torment.

            You think a bullied adolescent who committed suicide chose to do so, because of the abuse? No. They chose to do so, because no one was there for them. As in, no one was their friend when they needed it.

            Walk inside a hospice, as I have done on multiple occasions, and you will see loneliness in the dying patients. It is almost as if they have forgotten about what is physically killing them. It is because they have discovered a new breed of suffering. That is the loneliness.

            Why do you think people weep during the night? We do, because at night, nothing can criticize us to make us better. The most stubborn of people cry at night, cry when alone, cry when they’ve given up.

            What I resent right now is this “self-love” culture. I burn when I realize such a way of society exists. Granted, it is only the mindset, not the person, that I despise.

            Loneliness is the most terrible suffering of a human. And yet, people will continually say they can love themselves. That makes them a beast, a monster, who can only stare at reflections in their own open wounds, when they are in their own darkness.

            Why is it known that medicine for a physical injury to the flesh can help to heal? Why is it not the same that love must also come from an external source?


            1. You need to learn about the meaning of self-love in a better way. You are seeing things from only one perspective. Crying alone is not that bad, crying in front of wrong people is disasterous, wrong people here being even those who join hands with those whom you don’t like. This is just stupidity to think that those who take advantage of your innocence are the ones who will make you feel less lonely. Actually this kind of toxic behaviour is the reason that a few people who live in crowds or close groups or even family feel the loneliest.
              Suicide, depression, anxiety arises out of this kind of loneliness i.e. being surrounded by wrong people. Moreover, you need to learn about introversion in depth. I guess you are an extrovert or ambivert who maybe lives alone sometimes n finds it really difficult. And the people you are talking about, everyone has their own nature, psychological, physical and social needs which differ from person to person, and thus things like suicide and depression or loneliness cannot be generalized in any way; I find it too narrow-minded. What you described are examples, not the principles.


              1. Just know this…

                It is my goal to eliminate the movement of self-love. And, I mean absolutely exterminate the mindset from humanity. I have the passion, the determination, and the ambition for such a feat, and it will be accomplished.

                You’ll be alive to see it. Within the next 5 – 10 years, the mindset will be disproved and erased.


                1. You know this is sick mentality???
                  Okay.. So, you mean that you have a utopian view of unity because of which you want people to be highly dependant on each-other rather than being comfortable on their own.
                  You know that one’s (any human being) needs both dependency and independence?? You cannot create imbalance between these two in anyone’s life. Take 50 years, I say, people are not that stupid to be completely dependent on each-other.


          2. Have you ever empathized with someone so greatly that you felt the same pain as they did?

            A connection so close, that when they were hurt, you were hurt?

            When you do experience that, talk to me, again.


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