You hate, but fake goodness for me.

I know how jealous you are subliminally of the way my mind works,

It’s not the first time I have noticed it,

It’s since the time we started talking,

You always try to attack my

Intellect, intelligence and level of introspection,

Dude, what problem do you have??

Why so fucking jealous??

I have tried to ignore this ‘N’ number of times by now,

But you seem to never stop.

Your opinions about me depend on your mood,

When you observe me doing anything according to your liking

You judge me and articulate good stuff about me to others,

When things go against you

I am a dull person, unremarkable, bookish massiah and even bully..

Why the fuck don’t you get treated

About your own fakeness, manipulation, narcissism and stupidity??

I used to take you as a blessing years ago,

But you are a bloody curse on my life,

You show yourself as a helper, guide and well-wisher,

But it all depends on your own emotions, what you want to show others, and what you want to take from me,

By being a fake influencer in my life,

Just to control me.

Right from the beginning your motto has been

“I can handle you.”

“I know everything about you.”


You still know nothing about me,

And it’s impossible for somebody like you to handle me.

Even if you try to fake help me,

Know that I don’t need it from you and never will do,

Because whenever you do something, it ends up in my disadvantage,

I try not to hate you but you bring me to this point every single time,

Why don’t you get lost completely from my life??

I so want it

And I so mean it.

The misery you feel in your own mind,

Subliminally you want to see it in my life,

So that you can be that fake sympathetic massiah who took me from the filth and raised me into something I could not have imagined.

Dude, stop that crap.

I am and will always be incharge of my life.

Take that you cannot manipulate me,

Though you have manipulated a lot around me,

Not anymore.

Author: Angry Bird

A dope soul and deep mind with a hot temper.

9 thoughts on “You hate, but fake goodness for me.”

  1. This is a carefully crafted piece of work that defines your inner strength and clarity on those that seek to hoodwink you and try to lure you in to believing they are different from what they actually are. Truth is as day surely follows night, truth can be garnered from their deceit and they will be exposed.

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    1. My dear friend, this one is only for one person whose name is Antriksh Taneja or Pankaj Taneja, god knows what, because he faked his identity, job profile and his relationships also, from me for months n years, probably from other people also. Apart from what’s written in these lines. He even shook hands with girls from my college, in order to stalk me, or say, in his words “To Know Me” despite knowing that stalking is a punishable offence!!!


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