Hey.. I fell asleep unintentionally (today at 5 pm) and I met you again in my dream..I did not feel any hesitation in meeting you. Your vibe is so good, so friendly, I felt as good as I have never felt meeting anyone ever before. Am I too connected to you now?? Or am I just being delusional..?? I think I know my answer, I am feeling a connection, not even close to a delusion. This has never happened to me before that is happening about you. Before this, I could see the exact person in my dream, be it my ex relationship or anybody I liked. I cannot see you in my dream but YOU ARE THERE, EVERY SINGLE TIME. It’s only you in three of my dreams. It’s only your vibe, your presence, your love. Man, why are we so connected? Where are you? I really want to meet you now. You are not anybody from my past, I got this vibe today. You are so so pure and such a beautiful soul. Honestly, I am falling in love with you.

Author: Angry Bird

A dope soul and deep mind with a hot temper.

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