Puraane panne..(old/read pages)

Puraane panno ko khol ke padh to lo,

Par yaad rakho ki uske aage ki kahani kya hai.

(Read the old already read pages,

But remember the unfolded story after them).

Author: Angry Bird

A dope soul and deep mind with a hot temper.

4 thoughts on “Puraane panne..(old/read pages)”

  1. “Guzre hua lamhoin ki tuh yaad na kar
    Takdeer mein joh hai usse zyaada ki fariyaad na kar
    Puraane panno mein mat koh
    Tuh aapne agey ki kahaani barbaad na kar”

    I was deeply moved by your post and just thought of sharing something that I’d written somewhat on the similar lines. Wonderful post that splendidly talked about valuing the past as much as one needs to value to the present. 😊👏👍

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