One of the biggest mistakes you can do is announcing your goals to people. It lowers your motivation. Moreover, you have no idea who might be secretly against it or might be sub-consciously not wanting you to go for it.

I have gone through that a lot. One of my major goals, a job, which became known to a lot of people who knowingly or unknowingly became a block to my path, though they did not want to be so, is putting too much toil on me, because I am unable to focus on it. It’s not that I don’t want it badly, it’s just that I have sub-consciously given more importance to my own feelings and emotions related to people. So, in the end, I have decided to give upon it. Yes, I am giving upon something which has been my dream job since my very childhood. I am giving upon it because right now I am again feeling unworthy of it. That mental block has again hit me hard, that ‘not good enough’ block; and this time it’s not only because of my own thinking, I was feeling capable of attaining it, quite confident but somebody made me feel like I am not good enough, thus it got ingrained in me much deeper.

I want to say that it’s okay to give upon some things sometimes. You don’t always have to fight with yourself and everything else to get that one thing. I am not even interested in portraying here that something better is in store for me, or anyone else (if somebody is going through the same situation). It’s just that it’s okay to quit upon something. I can’t even tell how important it was for me but I surely as hell know that I am not ready for it, be it for any reasons.

Author: Angry Bird

A dope soul and deep mind with a hot temper.

12 thoughts on “QUITTING.”

      1. पर थोड़ा संसोधन करना चाहूंगा, announce it to everyone who want your success or not.


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