Unbolt me from this space,

I want to live another life,

Chains are more in brain,

Bringing to life a lot of strife,

Lucky are those who don’t love or feel,

I need some cure, I need to heal.

Oh my mind why are you so active,

With every emotion you are being reactive,

‘Nervous’, to say, would be shallow

I am feeling burnt,

Getting out of patterns of abandonment n isolation,

I haven’t yet learnt.

They will say it’s upon me,

To take care of myself,

They will never take the burden,

Of their actions towards me,

I should have been selfish n left earlier,

And made myself glee.

Abandonment is a pattern

Ingressed deep in my soul,

Whomsoever I ever loved

Brought me back to this pattern,

No matter how much I try to feel whole.

I know I won’t do that to them,

That they know too,

If they want only the happy times,

You will share your pain to who??

Where there is affection, there will be anger,

Where there is love, there will be pain,

Where there is jolly times spent together,

There will be hard times’ burden,

The opposites stay together turn wise,

Where there will be sunshine, there will be rain.

Author: Angry Bird

A dope soul and deep mind with a hot temper.

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