Weak people cannot handle criticism. They will do something wrong and then put all the burden on someone, to be positive about oneself or the situation or about them.

“No, not fair. You deserve the negativity to come back to you what you gave to others. You deserve the punishment for everything you did wrong. You deserve that criticism. You reap what you sow, sooner or later. Don’t sing the happy songs of positivity when everything is going right for you, while if events or people become unfavourable to you, you are always the one showing all the negativity and passive aggressiveness. If you cannot give equally, you have no right to take also. Things should have been made very clear right from the beginning rather than running away when you have nothing else to get out of a situation. No, it’s not only blaming. It is what one has gone through and felt. If somebody is ignorant enough not to know one’s faults, then it’s not a problem for the other one who can see them and not the responsibility of the other to keep you in high regards despite you not maintaining the same level. When the situation was positive, and balanced, it was being regarded in the same manner. If someone is talking negatively in certain negative situations, it doesn’t mean that they are negative, they are actually just realistic, which a weak person can never tolerate. This, in fact, is also a form of manipulation i.e. to turn the tables on the other person about the consequences of what you have done. Nope ! Not fair.” 😊

Author: Angry Bird

A dope soul and deep mind with a hot temper.


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