Untitled something for him.

I can let him go

if that will make him happy,

Even from a distance

seeing him happy makes me happy,

Though I feel he is not at his best,

his eyes are narrating a different story,

still trying to figure out life,

I wish with time he taps into all his glory.

The bond that we had I still have I feel,

We might end up breaking apart,

But that bonding that feeling even he can’t steal.

For what I have for him,

I fall short of words every time I try to write,

It’s not what he looks like or what he does,

It’s who he is that feels so right.

It’s not the first time I am writing for him,

I just could not show him my feelings ever,

I thought I didn’t need to

we were best friends,

I could apprehend this distance never.

I am not feeling any void,

I am feeling more whole than ever,

Some influences created the chaos in the journey,

Some people entered, snatching him, they could do it, they are clever,

I will let him go if I have to,

But won’t cheat on our bond ever.

Author: Angry Bird

A dope soul and deep mind with a hot temper.

7 thoughts on “Untitled something for him.”

  1. I will surely read your posts. But also I would like to clear something here, that I did not write about losing oneself in love. I see strength in love. Those who can love unconditionally never feel lost in love. They do their own stuff, feel whole and love that person even if they know that they won’t get anything in return. Generally, I have seen that people talk really high about love but actually don’t know how to love. But then, I think that every single person has their own definition and way of love. But unconditional one is the purest one which is generally learn after a lot of experiences and also which is always innocent, otherwise selfish “love” many people know how to express. And thanks for commenting and reading the poem. 🙂

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    1. Love what you say here about unconditional love. That’s how I read your poem too. You don’t lose anything by loving, whether the loved one is with us or not, love fills the space in between. Nothing is missing. And there’s so much joy in that.

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  2. We keep hearing Preet that it is better to have loved and lost rather than never loving at all 💕😊
    You may like to read my post : Love is a One Way Street and another is Never Fall in Love 😍
    All the best Preet

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